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My Top 10 Commandments of Love

My Top 10 Commandments of Love

Everyone has read 1 Corinthians 13.  Most Christians know it as the love chapter.  I’ve read it a hundred times but struggle to DO IT.  The words seem to blend into a beautiful picture, like a work of art.  The problem, however, is if I just LOOK at it but can’t implement it. I looked at 1 Cor. 13 a different way the other day.  I stopped nodding my head and starting searching my soul.  I looked into the mirror of how my behavior stacks up to my beliefs.  


Here is the way I read it this time:

Love is:

1.  “Patient.” 

  • I’m impatient.  How do I do when I am standing in a line?

2.  “Kind”

  • I’m unkind. Am I gentle or rough?

3.   “Does not envy.”

  • I’m envious.  How do I feel when I see someone else being celebrated?

4.   “Does not boast.”

  • I’m boastful. Can I resist telling someone of my latest accomplishment?

5.   “Is not arrogant.”

  • I’m arrogant.  Do I ever look down my nose at others?
Look into the “love” mirror.  Ask your self each day, “Is that me?
— Larry Stockstill

6.   “Is not rude.”

  • I’m rude. Can I resist a well-placed cut down of someone’s appearance?

7.   “Is not self-seeking.”

  • I’m selfish. Do I sit quietly and receive what is best for the group or do I put forward my opinion of what would most benefit me?

8.   “Is not irritable.”

  • I’m irritable.  Am I easily annoyed by inconvenience and delay?

9.   “Is not resentful.”

  • I’m resentful.  Do I keep track of the smallest slights others give me?

10.  “Does not rejoice in wrongdoing.”

  • I rejoice in wrongdoing.  Do I secretly delight to see others I compete with stumble and fall?

There you have it:  the Ten Commandments of Love.

I can now see that I have a long way to go.

Try reading these things every day for this week.  Look into the “love” mirror.  Ask your self each day, “Is that me?  Do I need to change in that area?”

QUESTION: What area of love would you most like to change about yourself?

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