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The 10 Things I Want for Christmas

The 10 Things I Want for Christmas

When I was a child, I dreamed about Christmas while looking at a Sears catalog.  I usually narrowed it down to 10 things I wanted the most.  These days, Christmas is more about REST than GIFTS for me!  I asked myself, “What would I love to receive more than anything else in the world?”


I wrote down the 10 things I want for Christmas this year that have nothing to do with material things. Here they are:

 1)    I want to walk CLOSER to the Lord:

  • I’ve been busy this year: 112 flights, 165,000 miles, and almost 150 messages.  I feel at times I do more “Martha” than “Mary.”
  • My deepest desire is for a hunger for God’s daily presence and insight from my daily Bible reading. 

2)    I want my FAMILY to be a united force in the world:

  • Melanie and I were married 40 years in May (what a gift!). I want that bond to grow deeper and closer than it has ever been.
  • All six of our children are married and involved in full-time ministry. I want our family to stay united and move together, raising our eight grandchildren to be world changers.

3)    I want the KINGDOM of God to reach into the nations at an accelerated pace:

  • This year, the Surge Project was able to plant 1,010 new congregations worldwide. I would love to see that grow to 1,500 churches next year.

4)    I want AMERICA to return to her Godly heritage and be protected from the ever growing power of our enemies:

  • After a highly divisive election season, we need to be healed. No President can change hearts.  Only God can rescue the ever-growing percentage of Americans who no longer believe the Bible.

5)    I want believers I know who are battling sickness and disease to be HEALED:

  • I have witnessed miraculous recoveries from apparent fatal conditions. We have seen that not everyone recovers.  However, I still trust God to restore health to each and every Christian, some of which are in my family.

6)    I want godly business men and women to receive “PROSPERITY with a purpose” in order to fund the amazing world harvest going on right now:

  • Materialism is a waste of time…and money! I am asking God to pour out His financial blessings on those who want to use it for His purposes

7)    I want to walk in divine WISDOM toward critical situations I will face in 2017:

  • Solomon did not ask for long life or riches. He asked for wisdom to discern.  In the daily crisis of life, I need God’s voice of guidance.

8)    I want CHURCHES to walk in harmony (with no competition) and work together with the other Bible-believing churches in their area:

  • One Saturday this past July, we saw 6000 Baton Rouge believers from 25 churches work together serve Baton Rouge. America would change if that was happening everywhere.

9)    I want the violence and suffering in the chaotic Middle East to end and ISRAEL to be protected:

  • Aleppo and other cities are like powder kegs ready to explode. “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.”

 10)    I want the NEW GENERATION of pastors and leaders in America to take their place in reaching their generation.

  • That’s my Christmas “wish list.” I feel better just writing it down. What would be on your wish list if there was nothing “material” on the list? Merry Christmas, and much love from our family to yours…

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