8 Amazing Attitudes in the Greatest Sermon Ever

Your attitudes are determining your altitude.  This phrase tells you if you are headed for the “jet stream” or a “slow crash.” How do you adjust your attitude? 

The “Beatitudes” are 8 HEAVENLY ATTITUDES and it is time to “think heavenly.” The Sermon on the Mount is the greatest sermon in history.  Spoken in Matthew 5-7, its theme is “heavenly.”  It describes a mindset on Heaven, a heavenly ambassador who represents how things are done back in his homeland.


Here are these 8 “beautiful attitudes” and how they change your life: 

1)   Blessed are the poor in spirit:

Your first attitude of success is to start off at “zero.”  We are nothing, God is everything.  Our talents, training, and connections could not bring us one inch closer to God.  We totally need Him.

2)   Blessed are those who mourn:

“Jesus wept.”  He cried over the pain that His friends Mary and Martha were facing in the death of their brother, Lazarus.  An attitude of empathy for the needs of others is a critical attitude.

3)   Blessed are the meek:

Meekness represents the attitude of the servant (See my recent blog STAY LOW.)Jesus said, “I am meek and lowly.”  It is a “surrendered will” instead of a “self-will.”  It prefers others over yourself.

4)   Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness:

An attitude of integrity and justice toward others in even the little things is critical. Don’t blow past an issue just because it seems trivial.  If it’s important to them, make it important to you.

 5)   Blessed are the merciful:

  This is an attitude of forgiveness.  The unforgiving servant was forgiven millions in debt but refused to forgive $10!  Jesus forgave his tormentors on the cross, and I’m quite sure I have never experienced any torture that compares.

6)   Blessed are the pure in heart:

It could be rephrased, “Blessed are the TRANSPARENT.”   Don’t be hypocritical, where your inner thoughts are different from your outward actions.  Out of the heart comes every kind of sin, and we must continually have a “no-secrets” attitude.

Don’t be hypocritical, where your inner thoughts are different from your outward actions.
— Larry Stockstill

7)   Blessed are the peacemakers:

The attitude of a peacemaker comes from a “pure heart” also.  You will never be neutral in a quarrel unless your heart is pure.  A peacemaker knows how to:

  • Shut up and listen,
  • Refuse to repeat sensitive information, and
  • Apologize if necessary.

8)   Blessed are the persecuted:

As hard as you may try to be a peacemaker, some people will just not receive it!  Their value system clashes with your value system and they refuse to live in peace with you.  Jesus said to “Rejoice and be exceedingly glad!”  Don’t let their attacks rob you of your heavenly joy.

There they are:  8 amazing attitudes.  Do a quick checklist on yourself and see how you are doing with each one.

“What is the “heavenly attitude” you struggle the most with? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.