Do These 6 Secrets When You Feel Like Quitting

People are quitting too easily.  They quit a difficult  marriage.  They quit a job.  They quit a hard task.  Anyone can start and have a “honeymoon” but it takes a certain mentality to stay and finish the job.

I love the Message translation of 2 Cor. 4:1—“…don’t throw up your hands and walk off the job because you run into occasional hard times.”

Here are my 6 secrets to “hanging in there…”:

The High Cost of Anxiety and How to Overcome it

The suicide of an apparently successful, talented, and influential 30-year-old pastor near Los Angeles this week has stunned American Christian leadership.

David faced unthinkable pressure. He wrote his deepest psalms while living under intense pressure and anxiety.

Here are a few important thoughts to remember about anxiety and pressure: