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How to Turn Your Bitterness into a Blessing

How to Turn Your Bitterness into a Blessing

Do you feel like you’ve been “dealt a bad hand?”  Circumstances have been reversed?  On a streak of bad luck? 

Try these secrets for turning “bitterness into blessing”!

1.   Find a close FRIEND.

Bitterness ISOLATES you into a world of thought, hatred, anger, regret and confusion.  Blessing comes from relationships with other people.  It produces joy, laughter, companionship, fellowship, love, and order.

Solomon said, “Two are better than one.”  A close friend gives you perspective (“It’s not as bad as you think”).  A close friend gives you encouragement (“I believe you will come out of this”).  Make finding your close friend the NUMBER ONE priority when everything comes unglued.

2.  Consider a CHANGE.

It’s possible you took a wrong turn.  Even if you didn’t, a change of venue, a change of scenery, a RETURN to something you never should have left may be in order.

Sometimes, a FAILURE can drive you to a FUTURE.  You may have to eat some “humble pie,” but it goes down quickly!   Apologize where you messed things up in the past.  Repair and restore.  Or, ask God to show you a new start, a new culture, a new beginning. 

3.  Look for FAVOR.

When you love God, His eye is upon you.  He knows what you have been through.  He has a person in mind who will respect you, appreciate you, and protect you when no one else gives a “flip” about you!  It’s called FAVOR.

Favor comes when you DECIDE to serve God, regardless of how bad things have become.   He looks to bless people who love Him even when things have turned out bad (anyone can love Him in the good times).  Job did.  Paul did.  David did.  “Favor comes to the faithful.”

A FAILURE can drive you to a FUTURE.

4.  Look for the “THREE R’s”:    

•     RepaymentLet God deal with your enemies.  Don’t try to “pay them back” for all you have had to suffer from them. 

•     RewardGod is keeping track of what you have lost!  He has a “payday” coming.  It’s called “double for your trouble.”

•     RefugeThink of God as an eagle with huge wings.  He covers you.  He protects you.  He’s on your side and He’s “got your back.”


The last key to turning bitterness into blessing is to "seek the welfare of another person."  I know YOU want happiness.  In your personal desperation, seek to find SOMEONE ELSE who desperately needs to be blessed, happy, and fulfilled. 

When you turn your focus on another person's welfare, your personal bitterness seems to disappear.  Start to volunteer.  Check on someone else even though no one is checking on you.  Give of what you have even though you desperately need every penny!

Blessing brings breakthrough.”

Let’s turn this situation around.  Let’s stop the “pity party.”  Let’s quit the “blame game.” 

Joseph didn’t get bitter.  He got BETTER.  He “ruled” instead of “regretted.”

You ARE BLESSED!  Why don’t you just go ahead and start acting like it?

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