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The whole world is upset about borders.  From Brexit to the Middle East to the Ukraine, borders are shifting.  Some propose tighter borders and others want them totally removed.   John Kerry recently referred to a "world without borders."  Someone said that he left that speech, got into his armored car, anddrove behind the walls to his home! During the Katrina crisis, we had 900 people sleeping on the floor of our church. Visiting our church, President Bush remarked about a strip of blue tape we put on the floor between each person's private "space."  In nine months with Katrina evacuees we never had ONE fight.

A “border” brings “order.”
— Larry Stockstill

Here are three areas I have learned to maintain proper borders:

1.    DEFINE your personal borders:

  • Your body needs borders. Every day, I ask God to put a "guard" around my mouth, my eyes, my hands, and my feet.
  • Your mind needs borders. You need to "eject" from your mental real estate any thought of greed, lust, pride, or fear.
  • Your heart needs borders. Jealousy, anger, and bitterness are "off limits."
  • Your relationships need borders. If you are a Christian, date only believers.  If you walk your date to the door of her apartment, resist the temptation to go inside for a little "fellowship."
  • Your family needs borders. Clearly define the roles for husband and wife.  Draw a line for how "close" should you be to your in-laws!
  • Your children need borders. Clearly communicate the obedience borders for your children and tell them the consequences of walking across that line.

2.   DEFEND your spiritual borders:

  • Your doctrine defends borders.  Paul spoke about spiritual "spies" who cross the border to spy out our liberty and enslave us to false doctrine.
  • Your authority defends borders. God sets authority in the church, the family, and the nation.  Korah crossed a line against Moses’ authority and paid the eternal consequences.
  • Your prayer life defends borders. Satan loves to trespass by sending in spiritual "raiding parties.” They have no legal right to be on your territory.  Through prayer and fasting you can command him off your children, your home, and your church.

3.    ENLARGE your kingdom borders:

  • Live large! Jabez prayed, "Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my border" (1 Chronicles 4: 10).  He prayed for God to take his pain and enlarge his purpose.
  • You may be living in a small, shrunken parcel of purpose.  Lift up your eyes and look "north, south, east, and west" like Abraham did.
  • Planes can only reach a certain altitude “boundary." Then, they have to receive permission from the tower to go to the next highest elevation.  Have you hit a spiritual ceiling?  Ask God to give you more airspace, more territory, larger borders!

Check your borders.  Defend your borders.  Enlarge your borders.  We are not "walling ourselves in" from others but simply defining the space, the values, and the personality we occupy.

It's not tape on the floor, but it sure is important.

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