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5 Ways That Order Can Transform Your Life

“Out of order.”

It’s a sign you often see on a gas pump.  Why doesn’t it just say, “Broken?”  When something has no order, IT IS “broken.”

Life, family, health, finances, and relationships can all be “broken.”  How can you repair them?  By putting them back into order.

Let’s look at some of these areas and see how the principle of order can transform your life:

How To Be An MVP Dad

With the NBA Finals just over, I’ve been thinking about an “MVP:  Most Valuable Player.”  That’s you, Dad.

Researchers have identified that “fatherlessness” is the #1 issue in many nations today.  All of society seems to break down when fathering is absent. 

In 38 years of fathering, I’ve made a lot of mistakes.  I learned as I went.  I don’t want you to have to learn everything the hard way.

Here are my “top 8” lessons I’ve learned along the way:

Family Nights: How to Make Them Unforgettable

I have noticed that children and parents seem to be drifting apart.  Weeks go by with little conversation or interaction.  My father-in-law, Jim Clark, taught me the greatest secret to raising kids:  the “family night.”

Here are my “top 10” ideas for a sustainable, fun “family night” that your kids will remember for the rest of their lives:

How to Have an Amazing Weekly Date Night

I’m concerned about the state of marriage right now.  The average U.S. marriage is only lasting 8 years and 2 months.  That averages in all the 40 year marriages like mine!  It may not be the ONLY solution, but it is PART of the solution:  “a weekly date night.

Melanie and I have tried to practice this for many years.  When our six children all arrived, it became CRITICAL!

You need a break, a “deep breath” from the tremendous pressures of parenting.

       Here is how we did it: 

4 Reasons Marriages Fail and How to Fix Them

For a lot of couples, Valentine season is a difficult time.  They celebrate one more year but inwardly they know their marriage seems to be failing.  Often, marriages that seem outwardly successful are privately failing.  How can you fix a failing marriage? 

Marriage failures usually come down to four main causes:

5 Important Ways to Grow Amazing Children

We all want our children to turn out well.  Nothing thrills us more than seeing them go through school, marry well, excel in their career, and fulfill God’s purpose on their lives.  Raising children who love, respect, serve, marry well, and contribute to society is not easy.

Here are five principles Melanie and I followed for the entire 32 years we had children in our home:

My Top 4 Secrets that Make Child Discipline EASY

As I go into restaurants and malls, I see parents struggling to maintain control of children.  They beg, bribe, and get angry.  The “little one” seems to come out victorious.  Sympathetic onlookers are tortured as they put themselves in the identical position.  What are the secrets that make it seem EASY?

Melanie and I raised our six children on these principles.  Everyone has a unique approach, but these are what worked well for us:

5 Important Secrets to Managing Disappointment

We are all human.   We set goals, we envision success.  What do you do when it all comes crashing down? I recently experienced a deep disappointment.  My ninth grandchild went to heaven in his 7th month in the womb.  His middle name was my name.

It was sudden.  It was unthinkable.  The pregnancy was perfect.  My daughter-in-law had to deliver that child and my son had to bury that child.

Disappointments are real and, unfortunately, unforeseen.

What are the secrets to managing disappointments?

4 Practical Ways to Walk in Brotherly Love

Love is the most misunderstood word in the English language.  It mainly represents a feeling.  A “warm, fuzzy” feeling of gushing emotion.   I believe love is practical.  It engages in daily honor, respect, generosity, hospitality, and fidelity.  In Hebrews 13:1, Paul said four powerful words:  “Let brotherly love continue.”  Then, he went on to show us four practical ways that love is demonstrated on a daily basis. 

Try these out and see how your “love” is working for you:

10 Secrets That Will Fire Up Your Marriage

Millions of marriages are smoldering.   The passion is gone.   The fire is almost out.   The excitement and astonishment left years ago. Marriages go through stages as Jesus said:  “hot, cold, and lukewarm.”  I’ve been married for 40 years and I’m sure I have been through all three of them!   If your marriage needs some “hot sauce,” I can help you with that.  

Ask yourself these 10 questions: