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My Christmas Prayer

My Christmas Prayer

During this holiday season, I like to spend time with the “5 F’s”:  “friends, family, food, fishing, and football!”

I also like to take time to give thanks to God for one other “F”:  Fellowship.

Knowing God is amazing.  Worshipping God is better.  Hearing from God is the best!

This Christmas week, I listed a few things I would like to say to Him:

1.  “You are GOOD.” 

  • I know most people think of God in terms of all He has allowed to go wrong.  I don’t go there because, frankly, I don’t think I will ever figure out all that happens behind the scenes in life.

  • I DO know, however, that God is GOOD.  He is kind, compassionate, gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in love and faithfulness.  He provides us richly to enjoy all the blessings of life. 

2.  “You are FAITHFUL.”

  • He is not capricious, inconsistent, and flighty.  His love ENDURES FOREVER.  His mercies are “new EVERY morning.”  His promises never fail.

  • His Name, His character, His blessings are all constant.  Like the mighty Mississippi River, they are endless and available to “whosoever will.”

3.  “You are AWARE.”

  • God KNOWS me.  His eye is continually on me.  He has meticulously numbered the hairs of my head (even the ones that jumped off years ago!).  He notices every sparrow that falls to the ground.

  • More than that, He CARES about me.  I can cast all my anxiety and cares upon Him “for He cares for Me.”  He even knew me when I was in my mother’s womb and has studied my ways carefully and meticulously like a parent with a beloved child.

Knowing God is amazing.  Worshipping God is better.  Hearing from God is the best!

4.  “You are PURPOSEFUL.” 

  • He created me for a purpose.  If I will tenderly submit my will to Him, He will guide me into a life of fulfillment.  He’s guiding me somewhere.  He can even get me back on the “interstate” of life if I take a wrong exit.

  • This coming year, I have been speaking for 50 years.  It’s been a ride!  Amazing, exciting, and fulfilling.  And the best is yet to come!  I can’t imagine all that God has in store for me and my family in the years and decades to come.

5.  “You are POWERFUL.”

  • He can rescue me.  He can protect me.  He can spread His powerful “wings” over me and surround me with legions of angels.  He can shut the lion’s mouth and quench the violence of fire.

  •  When I am weak, He is strong.  He has the power to lift me when I’m sinking, feed me when I’m starving, and rescue me when I’m falling.  He stopped the sun for Joshua, opened the Red Sea for Moses, and resurrected Lazarus for Mary.

Stop this week, and meditate one day each on these qualities:  “He is good…faithful…aware…purposeful…powerful.”

Look back over this past year with reflection and resolve.  Along with the normal 5 “F’s,” take some time daily for the most important “F”:  FELLOWSHIP. 

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