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How to Maintain Strong Confidence Forever

How to Maintain Strong Confidence Forever

Have you ever thrown something away you wish you had back again?  Whatever you do, don’t throw away your confidence!  You have every reason to hold on to it. 

“Confidence” affects everything:  your spiritual life, your work life, your social life, your moral life. 

Here are five elements of confidence that can shape your legacy:

1.     A clean conscience

Your conscience will either accuse or defend you.

When you are assured that the blood of Christ has washed away your past, it washes your conscience completely (100%) clean.

A clean conscience is worth more than gold.  It is priceless.  You can lay down and go to sleep at night, knowing that you are right with God and right with man.  This brings you tremendous confidence in your dealings with people.

2.     A strong identity

Satan seeks to destroy your spiritual identity.  In the wilderness, he told Jesus, “IF you are the Son of God…” (trying to shake his confidence.)

Christ knew who He was.  When you know that you are a child of God, filled with His Spirit, and accepted into His presence, you feel confident to present your requests to God.

This is the CONFIDENCE we have toward Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us…”
(1 Jn. 5:14).

3.     A good confession

A “confession” (negatively) often means an admission of guilt.  It can also mean to affirm that something is true on a witness stand.

When you speak (out loud) a promise in the Bible, your ears and your spirit hear those words.  It brings confidence!  Negative, fearful, doubt-filled words destroy your confidence and the confidence of others.

Control your mouth and be sure it is speaking out a good witness that God’s promises are true.  Your spiritual confidence will go through the roof.

When you fear the Lord, you will fear no man.

4.  A close companion

A godly, strong, friend brings confidence.  David had a best friend in Jonathan.  When David was wavering and afraid, Jonathan would meet up with him somewhere in the wilderness and build up David’s confidence that he would be king one day.

Don’t miss getting together with godly people.  The constant noise of the world’s system affects your confidence.  The joy, freedom, and love of a small group or congregation of other believers will leave you feeling relaxed, confident, and ready to take on life again.

5.  A reverent fear

 “In the fear of the Lord, one has STRONG CONFIDENCE” (Prov. 14:26).

We are not afraid of God.  “Fear” in this case means “reverence.”  When you are tempted, confidence to run away from that temptation comes from a deep reverence for God and His holiness.

When you fear (reverence) the Lord, you will fear no man.  You will not feel pushed, pressed and tempted into ungodly behavior. 

God wants you to have HIS confidence.  Satan seeks incessantly to try to steal your confidence, to get you to “throw it all away.” 

DON’T DO IT.  Keep your conscience clean, your identity strong, your confession good, your companions close, and your fear of God uppermost.

Do these five things, and absolutely NOTHING can take away your confidence!

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