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How to Cool Down A Quick Temper

How to Cool Down A Quick Temper

A “quick temper” is one of my biggest struggles.  I like it speedy, convenient and easy.  Studies show that the time people are willing to wait in line has gone from four minutes to…twenty seconds!

Here are 7 ways to “ice down” your quick temper:

1. Overlook an offense.

Offenses are everywhere!  Almost every hour, you have an opportunity for offense:  highways, airplanes, offices, shopping centers.

Do you highlight or overlook those offenses?  Can you just say, “It’s not a big deal, certainly not worth a battle.”  Choose your battles carefully, and let them be well thought out, strategic and productive.

2.    Pray before your day.      

I have learned a major difference in my patience level when I spend at least 15 minutes in the morning in prayer.  If I just rush out the door, I carry that “busyness” with me the entire day.

Ask the Holy Spirit, every day, to fill you with patience and “long-suffering.”  When the hardest moment arrives, you will be surprised at how calm you remain!

3.    Put it in perspective.

So what” if you have to wait on the next elevator!  In the scope of your day, your week, your year or your life it is only a “blip on the radar screen.”

So you missed the garbage.  So you were late for work.  So someone else got the last parking space right before you.  Think about it…and put it in perspective.

Mental preparation is a secret to momentary explosion.

4.    Sleep on it. 

I’m a believer in a good nap!  When I get sleepy, my quick temper can really loose.   

Doctors say we all need 7-8 hours minimum of sleep at night.  I also found that a quick “power nap” takes the edge off just enough for me to cope a whole lot better with annoyances.

5.    Snap the trap. 

Look at the possible consequences.  That parking lot scuffle you are about to get into could mean a trip to the police station, a blemish on your record, and even the loss of a job.

So many road rage incidents are “traps” to destroy your reputation.  Calm yourself down and think of your name in the newspaper!

6.    Prepare for the battle.

Is there a particular situation that tries your patience more than others?  Friday rush hour?  Working on your budget together?  Report card day?

Prepare for the battle.  Talk yourself through it.  Look ahead and look for the positive.  Mental preparation is a secret to momentary explosion.

7.    Take a Sabbath.

I recently learned that a “Sabbath” is not a “day off.”  It is a time where you focus totally on your family, the things you enjoy, and your relationship to God.

When your weekly cycle includes time for these three things, your whole “frustration mechanism” winds down.  You come back to focus.  Things get into perspective.  Your purpose in life becomes clear again.

Try these seven tips on maintaining a calm demeanor.  Ask God to give you a “long fuse”—and keep it wet!

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