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7 Wonderful Reasons Getting Older is a Good Thing

7 Wonderful Reasons Getting Older is a Good Thing

Everyone is petrified of getting “old.”  Instead, the Bible says, “Abraham died in a GOOD OLD AGE, an old man and full of years…” (Gen. 25:8)

In other words, getting older is not a bad thing…it’s a GOOD thing! 

Consider these 7 wonderful things about getting older:

1.  Consider the alternative!

Who wants to die in the prime of their youth?  It happens frequently, but it is never desired.  To reach your “golden years” is something to be blessed by, thankful for, excited about. 

Your “joy level” should go UP as you age, not DOWN.  Your good choices, spiritual life, physical health practices, and emotional stability have rewarded you with…MORE LIFE.

2.  Consider the next generation.

The longer you successfully live, the more the next generation looks to you as a successful example to live by.  Albert Schweitzer said, “Example is not the main thing in influencing others.  It is the only thing.”

Professional athletes don’t look to “rookie wonders.”  They look to veteran, consistent winners to fashion their winning career.

Enjoy the credibility of a lifetime of “success” and be intentional about passing that on to your “successors.”

3.  Consider the perspective.

The older you become, the broader your perspective.  Life is a mountain, and every year your perspective grows higher and becomes broader and fuller.

Things that seemed HUGE when you were young will eventually become no big deal!  “Try finding your home from 35,000 feet up.” 

4.  Consider the “multiplication factor.”

When you have children, you build a team. When each child builds their own team, you enter multiplication. 

Our six children have birthed thirteen children…and growing.  We are multiplying like rabbits!  The multiplication factor of growing older is the most exhilarating season of your entire lifetime, bar none.

Your “joy level” should go UP as you age, not DOWN.

5.  Consider the financial accrual.

I started saving for retirement at 24.  That was the hardest $300 a month I ever paid.  Now, at 65, I see the fruit of that sacrifice.   

It takes years for a small investment to turn into a large return.  There is no shortcut from TIME.

If you have not started a retirement income fund, START TODAY.  Take it from me:  All things considered, that day WILL ARRIVE.

6.  Consider your purpose.

My purpose is proclaiming Christ and helping to care for His church.  The more years I have, the greater my territory to do that. 

Never retire from your purpose.  Develop ways of having a broader impact.  Use existing technology to enlarge God’s kingdom.  Daniel, Moses, and Paul’s last years were their greatest.

7.  Consider your relationships.

The older you get, the more you value relationships.  Money, titles, and fame start to grow stale and boring.

Your life starts to focus down to a particular set of relationships that mean the most to you.  In early life, it is career and relationships.  In older life, it is “relationships…and relationships.”

Don’t let the pessimism, fear, and worry creep into your mind.  Look forward to growing into a “GOOD OLD AGE,  full of years.”  And…make every day COUNT!

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