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Make ONE Good Decision to Undo All Your Bad Decisions

Make ONE Good Decision to Undo All Your Bad Decisions

A compass is a small thing.  If you are totally lost in the deep woods, finding a compass on the ground could save your life.  You’re not “out of the woods” but you’re on your way out of the woods.

One small decision” (like the compass) can start a process that ultimately unravels a tapestry of bad financial, career, relationship, or other personal decisions.

Want to know how?  Read more.

1.   Many of our mistakes are linked together.

Bad habits, poor spending, health challenges, parenting problems, and marriage tension are often related.

What is your “priority problem?”  One small decision might be to engage a family counselor, a financial planner, a fitness trainer, or another professional to ATTACK THAT ONE PROBLEM.  Hammer it.  Beat it.  Defeat it.

To your amazement, it may solve a host of other problems automatically!

2.  Don’t be overwhelmed.

When you try to fight battles on all fronts, your decision making becomes paralyzed.  You become depressed, unable to think clearly. 

Make ONE good decision.  It could be your “COMPASS!”  Decide to pay off one bill.  Decide to attend church one month.  Decide to read one chapter from the Bible every day.  Decide to walk down the street to the stop sign and home every evening.  “ONE THING.”

That good decision builds confidence.  It restores control.  It settles you down to think clearer about your next step.

3.  Seek freedom.

“Freedom” is the word for good decisions.  Financial bondage, destructive habits, relationship dysfunction, all come from over-complicated, high stress confusion.

Decide to “de-junk, de-clutter, and simplify.

You can’t think clearly in a PILE!  Simplify.  Throw off anything holding you in bondage.  Refuse to wade through the trash of life.  Clear out your life and don’t stop until you breathe the air of freedom.

A forgiven heart is the “compass” of a new life.

4.  Find and follow.

A mentor, an example, can be life-changing.

Find a person you can emulate.  Their world, their family, their finances are where you want to be.

Build a relationship.  Do one lunch!  Go with a list of questions.  Write down all their answers.  Implement what they advise.

A godly “mentor” could be God sending you a “compass!”  Find your mentor…and follow them. 

5.  Take responsibility.

Perhaps your “compass” is “personal responsibility.”

We live as victims.  We blame everyone else for our mess.  We blame the government.  We blame the weather.  We blame our parents, spouse, our employer.

Your “compass” may be THE MIRROR!  Your “small decision” may be to blame absolutely no one.  Take responsibility that your best decisions got you where you have arrived.  Now, you don’t have to wait on anyone else to change.  You are on your way out of the woods.

6.  Receive forgiveness. 

The last “small decision?”  “Mercy.”

Decide to forgive others.  Ask God to forgive you for your bad decisions.  Receive His love, His grace, His unlimited kindness.

A forgiven heart is the “compass” of a new life.

WHAT “compass” did you just find and WHEN will you start walking out of the woods?

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