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How Big is Your God?

How Big is Your God?

We are in a stressful time.  Political changes are unnerving.  Our enemies are gaining strength.  The economy is fragile.  Diseases are coming out of nowhere.  Travel has become dangerous.  It’s always good to come back to my “true north”:  “how big is my God?”  I was recently in Colorado.  I was dwarfed by the massive 14,000 foot mountains.  Mt. Everest in the Himalayas is 2 1/2 times their height!


If you are feeling small, take a look at five BIG THINGS about God in Isaiah 40:

1.    The greatness of His hands 

  • He can hold the entire oceans in His hand and measure the universe with the “span” (the distance between your thumb and the end of your middle finger) of His mighty hand.
  • As if that was not enough, he can measure all the dust of the earth and weigh all of earth’s mountains on a His “scale”!

2.    The greatness of His Spirit

  • The Holy Spirit has never needed advice, counsel, or teaching. He was the one who moved all the forces of nature forward to commence creation.
  • His intelligence is complete.  There is no book to read or course He needs to take.  He WROTE the book on everything, period.  That includes the Bible.

3.    The greatness of His perspective

  • The nations are like a “drop in the bucket” and like a few grains of dust on a scale. The nations are not just "nothing" but "less than nothing" before Him.
  • The inhabitants of earth are like grasshoppers to Him. The universe is merely His “tent.”
  • Earth's rulers (Republican and Democrat) are nothing and emptiness, here only for a moment. Quit worrying about the election, He’s not worried.
How big is your God? Are you looking at God through your circumstances or looking at your circumstances through God?
— Larry Stockstill

4.    The greatness of His care

  • He numbers and calls every star by name. There are a “septillion” stars—a 1 with 24 zeroes behind it!  No computer needed, just His infinite care.
  • He checks on every one to be sure they are not missing.  If He cares about a star billions of light years from here, why would He not notice your need?

5.    The greatness of His strength

  • He never grows tired, weary, or faint. He will give that power to anyone who “waits” on Him. This word “wait” in Hebrew is not like waiting for a bus.  It is actively seeking Him like a “waiter” in a restaurant.
  • Faith insures a participation in His incredible strength. We will “renew” our strength.  This words means to “change clothes.”  We have a new outfit of God’s power for every challenge we face!

When I feel overwhelmed, stressed, and challenged, I just “look up” like Abraham did.  He tried to count the stars and then he just “believed God.”

How big is your God?  Are you looking at God through your circumstances or looking at your circumstances through God?

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