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The 4 Most Powerful Secrets of Inner Balance

The 4 Most Powerful Secrets of Inner Balance

BALANCE is critical.  Your car tires, your body systems, and even your diet all require it.  

The bubble in a level shows perfect balance.  When balanced, it rests on the “sweet spot.”

How do you attain that inner balance that results in continual rest, freshness, and energy?

Christ spoke the greatest verse on balance ever written:

“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you REST. Take my yoke upon you…and you will find REST for your souls.” (Mt. 11:28)

Here are the four principles of “R.E.S.T.”:

1. “R”-Maintain your ROUTINE.

  • ROUTINE is something you can repeat thousands of times.  It is SUSTAINABLE. When you do your routine, you feel normal, healthy, and confident.  EVERY TIME you do your routine it builds your confidence and “resets” your daily balance:

1.  Morning routine—coffee/talk, walk, good breakfast and Bible reading.

2. Work routine—No more than 50 hours a week.

3. Family routine—Weekly date night, family night, 15 minutes quality time daily per child.

4. Meal routine—At least one family meal per day, lightest meal in the evening with 11 hours before eating breakfast.

5. Sleep routine—Sleep from 9-10 until 5-6.

2. “E”-Manage your EMOTIONS.

  • Many of us are “rest-less.”  Our emotions are out of balance because of the stress of schedules, finances, news cycles and cell phones!
  • Try these two things to keep your emotions balanced:

1. Perspective—Push EVERYTHING in your mind out into eternity and see how it compares.  It really doesn’t matter much at all! When I would get upset about something, one of my friends would look at me and say, “Larry, nobody died!”

2. Margin—Space your life out better.  Don’t schedule every minute of the day.  Build in some margin in case something goes wrong.

Your SOUL needs a SABBATH.
— Larry Stockstill

3. “S”-Remember the SABBATH.

  • God made the seventh day for man.  In fact, it was Adam and Eve’s FIRST DAY on earth.  They walked with God, fellowshipped with Him, and saw their first sunset!
  • Your SOUL needs a SABBATH:

1. Personal day off—One day a week to take care of personal things.

2. Weekly Sabbath—One day a week where you meet the Lord and gather with family.

3. Annual vacation—At least two weeks of total reset with your family.

4. “T”-Conquer your THOUGHTS.

  • Satan bombards your mind day and night, dropping seeds of “un-rest” into your mind.  Try these strategies to conquer your thoughts:
  1. TAKE YOUR THOUGHTS CAPTIVE—You must “capture” every deadly, negative thought.  Rebuke that thought out loud, commanding the source of fear, bitterness, or whatever to leave your mind immediately.
  2. TRUST IN THE LORD—“Trust” is a word for a baby laying back in the arms of it’s mother.  Lean on the Lord, relax and put your confidence in His love, care, and provision for your life.

Balance is “R.E.S.T.”  Implement these four secrets of “rest,” and allow God to “restore your soul.”

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