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10 Lessons from Jesus’ Prayer Life

10 Lessons from Jesus’ Prayer Life

Your prayer life is the most important part of your Christian life. My prayer life greatly improved when I studied the prayer life of Jesus Himself.  


If you are struggling with prayer, here are ten lessons directly from Scripture about when and how you should pray:

1.    “When you want a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit”  (Luke 3: 21

  • Jesus went to the Jordan to receive power. He returned from the desert 40 days later “in the power of the Spirit.”  “Little prayer little power…more prayer more power.”

2.   “When you prepare to start your day” (Mk. 1: 35)

  • Just about every morning, the Lord wakes me up early. I intentionally do not look at social media or news first so that my mind is uncluttered and focused.

3.   “When you are totally depleted” (Luke 5: 15) 

  • Times of depletion can become times of temptation. Elijah wanted to DIE after his great triumph over Jezebel’s prophets.  Steal away, climb the hill of God and get re-charged. 

4.   “When you have to make life altering decisions” (Luke 6: 12)

  • Always consult the Lord about everything. Particularly, though, you should pray (and fast) about decisions that could impact your entire life:  who to marry, where to move, what career to choose, etc.
Little prayer little power…more prayer more power.
— Larry Stockstill

5.   “When you are giving thanks for God’s blessings to you” (John 6: 11

  • Jesus found time to return thanks to God for everything: His food, His disciples, and the miracles He was performing.  Why is it so few people even stop to return thanks at meals these days?

6.   “When you are standing before an impossibility” (Mark 7: 31, Jn. 11: 41)

  • Jesus standing at the tomb of a dead man was pretty impossible! When it is “all on the line” for your health, your marriage, or a child, it is critical to stop dead still, lift up your eyes, and verbalize your total dependence upon Him.

7.    “When you are releasing a blessing on another person” (Mt. 19: 13)

  • Jesus was a channel of God’s blessing. He blessed children.  He blessed His disciples.  Stop right where you are in stores and on parking lots, take a person’s hand, and ask God to bless them.

8.   “When you are struggling to do the will of God” (Jn. 12: 27, Mt. 26: 36-46)

  • “Gethsemane prayer” comes at the moment when our will crosses God’s will. Even Jesus recoiled at death.  When God directs you to a particular calling, ask for His grace to help you obey.

9.   “When you are under attack by others” (Lk. 23: 34)

  • Jesus found the grace to pray for his enemies on the cross. Our first thought is to “counter-attack.” Instead, take time to call out their name and ask God to deal with them…in a GOOD way!

10.  “When you do not feel God’s presence” (Mt. 26: 46)

  • I’ve been there…a desert place. No sense of God’s presence for several days.  Jesus “simply surrendered” on the cross.
  • Relax with God. He’s still there, even when you don’t feel Him.  He will never leave you or forsake you.

That’s it.  Ten powerful lessons from Jesus’ prayer life.

Oh yes, there’s one I forgot: “Jesus is praying continually for you"

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