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These 6 Qualities Will Make You a Leadership Dynamo

These 6 Qualities Will Make You a Leadership Dynamo

We have all seen The Ten Commandments where Charlton Heston smashes the stone tablets on the rock.  Some would think, “Now THAT’S leadership!"

Actually, the Bible says that “The man Moses was very meek, more than all the people who were on the face of the earth” (Num. 12:3).

Evidently, Moses’ powerful leadership persona was fueled by some inward spiritual “engine.” 

Here are my six top “motivations” for leadership:

1. Leadership is about calling, not duty.

  • Moses was called.  God spoke to him out of a bush to bring His people out of Egypt.  He endured all of the troubles of 40 years by calling, not by duty.
  • When a baby calls out in the night, a parent awakens to the call.  “Duty” must become “delight” if you are ever to be an effective leader.

2. Leadership is about blessing, not business.

  • It takes money to live.  Business is important to meeting the needs of our families.  It is critical, however, for leaders to see money as a tool with which to bless other people.
  • Blake Mycoskie, founder of Toms Shoes, has given over 60 million pairs of shoes to children since 2006!  In fact, he started his business after traveling in Argentina and seeing children without shoes.  He is a dynamo of blessing.

3. Leadership is about modeling, not mastering.

  • “Leading” and “lording” are not the same thing.  It’s about “leadership,” not “dictatorship.”
  • Moses’ greatest mistake was when he struck the rock instead of speaking to the rock.  He called his people “rebels” in a fit of anger.  You lose your leadership when your try to drive people by force instead of lead them by example.

4. Leadership is about humility, not pride.

  • God resists the proud because it is ridiculous to Him.  His mighty hand created us, sustains us, and ends our days.  Why should we be arrogant about anything we pretend to lead?
  • Humble yourself.  The baseball glove is nothing without the player’s hand inside it!  See your leadership as a gift God has given you, not a glory for you to bask in.

5. Leadership is about serenity, not anxiety.

  • Anxiety kills.  Stress can kill.  Worry and fear color your world and jeopardize your leadership.  You become driven, out of control, and irrational.
  • The best leaders are calm and serene in the midst of craziness.  Jesus said, “Hush, be quiet” to the raging storm.  Cast your anxiety on the Lord and “work to full capacity in a relaxed state of faith.”

6. Leadership is about vigilance, not over-confidence.

  • Don’t let your guard down.  Satan is probing the outer fences of your marriage, your mind, and your reputation.  We don’t need to fear him but we don’t need to ignore him, either.
  • Tell the truth.  Stay pure.  Stay balanced.  Resist the devil.  Live above reproach.  Legacy is about a lifetime of vigilance.

Walk in these six motivations.  Live in them.  Your leadership “dynamo” will get stronger by the season.





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