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How to Stay out of Sexual Temptation

How to Stay out of Sexual Temptation

You might be saying, “I don’t need this.  I would never have an issue with sexual temptation.” You are the perfect person to read this (see point one below!). Satan targets the most stable, fruitful leaders in an attempt to land a dart right in their heart.


David’s most vulnerable time was when he became the most successful.  His guard went down.  His spiritual immunity system went down.

Pay close attention to these thoughts and guard your heart:


  • Pride takes many forms. It’s most dangerous form is invincibility.  When you get the feeling that your success qualifies you to disregard warnings from others, “watch out.”
  • Check your heart. Are you not as careful about appearances as you used to be?  Have you been listening to your own publicity?  Do you finally have the sense that you have “arrived?” We are all one unguarded step from foolishness. 

 2.    ANGER IS A SYMPTOM.      

  • When we become proud, we become angry. We get frustrated with our spouse.  They no longer represent the “level” at which we are now operating.
  • Listen to the warnings of others, especially your spouse. Don’t despise and belittle them.  They see things you can’t see.  Don’t fall into the trap of Old Testament kings who killed every prophet who challenged them.


  •  Little things matter. A moment or an hour working alone, a touch, a deep conversation can trigger dreams and fantasies.
  •  Billy Graham’s mantra was, “Never be alone with a woman.” Don’t ride in the car together.  Don’t go to lunch together.  Don’t be in a closed-door office together.  Set up “borders” that you do not cross, anywhere, anytime.


  • Tired people make bad mistakes. You are most vulnerable after your greatest accomplishments!  Elijah asked God to kill him after he defeated the prophets of Baal.  He was worn out, depleted, and vulnerable.
  •  Take your weekly Sabbath day (NO WORK). Limit your weekly work hours to 50.  Get enough sleep.  Take a vacation after a major accomplishment.  Your emotions are like your body and must recharge their immunity. 
Tired people make bad mistakes. You are most vulnerable after your greatest accomplishments! - Larry Stockstill


  • Routines prevent disasters. My wife and I have a daily routine together:  coffee, breakfast, Bible reading plan, work, supper, walk, movie, bedtime.  We do all of these together. 
  • Routines deepen romance. The more years you are married, the more you must work to stay together. Maintaining the thrill and intimacy requires stimulating each other emotionally (fun!), intellectually (growth), and spiritually (fellowship).


  • People die when they ignore a distressing symptom. You need a circle of friends:  Real friends who know your failures and weaknesses.  Pastors are the worst about this since they fear the dangers of rumors and gossip.
  • Who can you be totally honest with? If no one comes to mind, you are on dangerous ground.  Open up to them at the slightest hint of fantasy or inclination. 
Who can you be totally honest with? If no one comes to mind, you are on dangerous ground.

Don’t be a casualty.  Set up these “fences.”  You will enjoy a long-term marriage and be spared of the awful reproach of sexual infidelity.

Just ask David.

Question: If you have a comment or question you would like to send me about these 6 things, please click on the comment button below. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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