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7 Spiritual Giants and How They Altered My Destiny

7 Spiritual Giants and How They Altered My Destiny

The Internet has been filled with images of “giant footprints.”  One of these was found in Mpuluzi, South Africa, and would have to be the footprint of a person 25 foot tall!

I’m not sure about this, but I HAVE walked with some spiritual giants in my life.  I find myself walking in their “giant footprints” every day.

Knowing my “giants” and the main lesson I learned from them may help you in your journey.


1.        Roy Stockstill:  HUMILITY

•       My father, Roy Stockstill, was indeed a giant to me.  A World War II veteran, he lived to be 97.  He was married to my mother for 63 years, and was in the ministry 68 years.

•       Though he accomplished many things, he maintained consistent humility.  He was not ambitious.  He lived to promote others.  He built the Kingdom of God, not his own “kingdom.”  He taught me that I could never fall if I stay flat on my face!

2.       Jim Clark:  ORDER

•       Jim was my father-in-law.  An Air Force officer trainer for 10 years, he pastored for almost 50 years.  His Bible School, M.T.I., trained some of America’s finest pastors today.

•       Every tool was in place in his garage.  Every sock could be found by color in the dark!  He taught me to organize everything for efficiency:  my time, my possessions, and my ministry.

3.       Daniel Ost:  SOULS

•       Danny,” a missionary pilot and pastor in Mexico for 35 years, was the greatest soul winner I have ever known.  He raised up numerous megachurches of 5000 or more in Mexico’s huge megacities.

•       Danny would openly weep at a lunch table over the vast fields of souls without Christ.  He taught me to do something, every day to bring the name of Jesus to a lost person.

Why would God send His Son to die for the world and then not give us the finances to go tell them that He came?
— John Osteen

4.       Lester Sumrall:  AUTHORITY

•       Another “giant” was Dr. Lester Sumrall.  Dying from tuberculosis, he was healed at age 17 and travelled the world as a missionary evangelist in the company of men like Smith Wigglesworth and Howard Carter.

•       His “authority” was apostolic.   He planted a church in Manila, Philippines, in 1955 that still has 40,000 active members.  He taught me that we must be forceful and proactive against the spiritual warfare that tries to hinder our growth and effectiveness.

5.       Dr. Yonggi Cho:  PRAYER

•       Dr. Cho pastored the world’s largest church with 750,000 active members.  He built “Prayer Mountain” near Seoul, Korea, where 30,000 people at one time pray and fast for revival.

•       Cho spends three hours a day in prayer.  He taught me that “no prayer, no power.”  From him, our church learned to pray and fast as our major tool of expanding the kingdom of God.

6.       Oral Roberts:  EXCELLENCE 

•       Having been a student at ORU and then working as Associate Chaplain for Dr. Roberts, I knew him well.  Everything he built was excellent.  The campus was 21st century in 1965.  His television show was prime time on major networks.  No other Christian university has built an accredited hospital, medical school and law school.

•       Precision and excellence was everywhere.  He taught me that I must not be “average,” but excel at every detail in order to be a world-class organization.

7.       John Osteen:  ABUNDANCE

•       My last “giant,” John Osteen, was a friend of my father and pastor of the famous Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.  John believed in giving heavily to missions, and regularly contributed over 5 million dollars per year to missions as a church in the 1990’s.

•       He believed that God would supply ANY and ALL resources necessary to bring the Gospel to the nations.  His motto was, “Why would God send His Son to die for the world and then not give us the finances to go tell them that He came?”  Because of His influence, our church was able to give 63 million dollars to foreign and local missions in the 28 years I was their pastor.

Those are my “giants.”  Who are yours?

Find the “giant footprints” of legendary Biblical and contemporary leaders.  Walk in them.  Apply their successes to your life. 

Remember:  others will one day walk in your footprints also.



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