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How to Build 4 Awesome Spiritual Habits into Your Life

How to Build 4 Awesome Spiritual Habits into Your Life

Habits are more than just discipline.  They are based on REWARD.

I have learned the secret of all spiritual discipline.  It’s not pain: It’s pleasure! Interested? Check this out.

You change bad habits through PAIN (consequences).  You build good habits through PLEASURE (reward).

If you want to develop strong spiritual habits, you find a “reward” (pleasure) and you will immediately look forward to that thing.

The early church had four spiritual disciplines:  “Scripture, fellowship, prayer, and sharing” (Acts 2: 42, 45).  I believe they LOVED those things and were “devoted” to them.  How did they do it?

Here are my top 4 habits and why I LOVE them:

1.    Bible reading:  Read through a PLAN.

  • I first read through the Bible on the “One Year Bible” plan.  That was 1989. Now, I have read the Bible through 28 times. I never would have done that without a systematic plan.
  • Daily Bible reading directs me.  I often read a verse in my daily readings that is the exact word I need to solve a difficult problem.  It also connects me with people by using those same readings to give them a word they need.

2.    Fellowship:  Put it on a CALENDAR

  • “Church services”:  I love my weekly service.  The worship uplifts my soul.  The Word challenges and stretches my faith.  Besides, it’s fun when a large group of believers gather for one purpose in one place.
  • “Small groups”:  You need others.  They need you.  I have deep, personal needs in my life that only intimate fellowship and interaction can meet.  Those bonds get richer over time and seeing those people weekly gives me great pleasure.

3.    Prayer:  Pray through a TRACK.

  • There are a lot of ways to pray.  I have learned the power of praying through a “prayer track.”  That is a spiritual outline, a balanced approach to God with:

1.  Worship—adoration for God and His greatness;
2.  Petition—personal needs and intercession for family, church, my nation, and the world;
3.  Infilling—yielding to the Holy Spirit’s indwelling;
4.  Cleansing—transparency about my faults.

  • Praying the Lord’s prayer (topically) is a great prayer track.  Often, I pray through Psalm 103 or Psalm 23 as a prayer track. Scripture guides you toward His presence.

4.    Sharing—Plant a daily SEED.

  • The early church believers shared everything.  They were “hilarious” givers to each other. They learned, “It is more BLESSED to give than to receive.” 

    1.  TREASURE:  I learned the deep pleasure I get when I am generous to others.  To give someone groceries, a small gift toward their need, or even a generous tip gives me pleasure.

    2.  TIME:  I love to give away time.  Time is more valuable than money.  When I use my talent and spend my time on others, something deep inside me gets amazing pleasure from it.

Plant that daily seed.  Find the reward in all four of the spiritual disciplines.  You will discover the PATH OF LIFE.

And have fun in the process!



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