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You Can Be in a War...and Never Know it

They call it stealth warfare.

Bombers that can fly without radar detection.  Special ops who can slip in and out without detection.

There is an ultimate war you may have never known was happening all around you:  spiritual warfare.


I had a friend years ago who was in the Golden Gloves state championship fight.  He came to the corner bleeding badly all over his head.

“Don’t worry, champ, he hasn’t laid a glove on you yet,” his coach encouraged him.  He replied, “Well, then, keep your eye on the referee, please!”

He was getting hit, but he didn’t know where it was coming from.  That may be you as well.

Here are three big principles of spiritual warfare:

1.     Know your WEAPONS.

  • The Bible:  The Bible is called the “sword of the Spirit.”  Its sharp two edges put the enemy to flight!  Let Scripture verses come out of your mouth and your invisible enemy will hear you loud and clear.
  • The Holy Spirit:  We are fighting against demonic spirits, but we have a more powerful Spirit!   The Holy Spirit lives in you as a believer and gives you boldness to fight a far superior enemy.
There is an ultimate war you may have never known was happening all around you:  spiritual warfare.
— Larry Stockstill

2.    Know your STRATEGY.

  • Long-term:  This is not a “fight” or a “battle”:  this is a WAR.  The longest war in history (the Iberian War), lasted 781 years!  Your enemy simply waits for you to tire out and then claims victory.   Settle in for the long haul and stand your ground.
  • Discernment:  We fight an invisible enemy who uses people.  Jesus said to Peter, His dear friend, “Get behind me, Satan!”  He discerned the voice of his enemy using Peter to try to discourage his plan to die on the cross.  People are not your enemy.

3.    Know your ARMOR. 

  • Faith:  Faith is called a “shield.”  The Roman military shield was the size of a door!  We stand behind that shield and are protected from Satan’s #1 weapon:  FEAR.
  • Conscience:  Most of the armor of God has to do with maintaining a guilt-free, shame-free conscience.  Put on the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, the helmet of salvation, and the shoes of peace.  Don’t let Satan find a small “chink” to pierce your armor through secret or open sin.

Now, you are prepared to face your enemy:

1.       Find a Scripture verse that fits your case;

2.       Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you with power;

3.       Stand your ground even it takes a long time;

4.       Reject every voice that tries to make you fear;

5.       Relax behind the mighty shield of faith; and,

6.       Be sure your conscience feels clean and strong.

 That’s how you WIN…the invisible war.