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“Stay Low”:  How to Change Your World With Humility

“Stay Low”: How to Change Your World With Humility

God despises pride.  He is all-powerful yet humble enough to wash the feet of His disciples.   He knows that pride was Satan’s downfall.  When I review the history of God’s generals and kings, I come to one grand conclusion:  “STAY LOW.”  I read once of two mountain goats seen on a high mountain.  They clung to a narrow ledge on the mountainside coming from opposite directions.  There was no room to pass.  They would battle it out.


Mysteriously, the observer saw one goat get on his stomach and let the other goat walk over him.  They BOTH went on their way!  Humility wins.

Here are 5 ways to guard your humility:

1)    Don’t Entertain Thoughts of Self-Amazement.

  • Chances are, you’re not amazing. Neither am I.  If you think you are, you haven’t traveled very much.
  • The moment a thought of your profound accomplishments enters your mind, say out loud, “I’m nothing. I give God the glory.”  Training yourself to reject thoughts of pride will gradually overcome it’s powerful temptation.  “STAY LOW.”

2)   Beware of Accomplishments. 

  • Accomplishments are important. Attaining levels of success is important.  The danger, however, is basking in that accomplishment.
  • David was in his later years when he stopped going to war and started staring at women. Uzziah was “marvelously helped” until he was strong and decided to barge into the Temple.
  • Most of the downfall of leaders happens after they grow strong. They let down their guard to pride, greed, and lust.  
Accomplishments and attaining levels of success is important. The danger is basking in that accomplishment. - Larry Stockstill

3)   Follow the Master.

  • Jesus washed even the feet of Judas! He took children into His lap.  He lived among common folk in Nazareth.  He associated with the lowly.
  • You and I are not “too good” to rub shoulders with the lowest of the low. Christ touched lepers.  He ministered to adulteresses.  He spoke to a Samaritan.  Watch out when you think your position qualifies you to avoid the rank and file:  “STAY LOW.”

4)   Follow your Roots.

  • “Look to the rock from which you were hewn, and to the quarry from which you were dug” (Isa. 51:1).  There is nothing God hates worse than for someone whom He showers grace upon to forget their pitiful beginnings.
  • Israel forgot Egypt. That’s why God required them to live in “booths” for seven days every week.  Go back to your roots, regardless of how humble and pitiful they look to you now.  Remind yourself of the “pit” God dragged you out of:  “STAY LOW.” 
Go back to your roots. Remind yourself of the “pit” God dragged you out of: “STAY LOW.” - Larry Stockstill

5)   Start the Year With a Fast.

  • “I…humbled my soul with fasting” (Ps. 69:10). I don’t like to fast…I like to eat.  You could actually use a little fasting to get rid of that chocolate fudge from Christmas!
  • Without getting “religious,” miss a meal…or three…or a few days in January. Watch how taking control of appetites brings you down from your pinnacle and returns you to seeking God.  “STAY LOW.”

If pride has crept into your soul, recognize it and renounce it.  Be as ruthless with pride as you would be with cancer.  Ask the Holy Spirit to flood your soul with humility, gratitude, honor, serving, and gentleness.

“Stay low.”

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