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4 Lifetime Lessons From An Excellent Governor

Do you ever wonder how the wheels of power turn?   How a person with millions of people looking to them for leadership manages his life, his time, and his priorities?  

I had six wonderful years holding a weekly Bible study for Louisiana Governor Mike Foster and his top staff.  He didn’t know it, but while I was teaching him the Bible, he was teaching me excellent leadership! 

Here are the 4 main lessons I observed about him that made a lifetime impact on me:



5 Ways That Order Can Transform Your Life

“Out of order.”

It’s a sign you often see on a gas pump.  Why doesn’t it just say, “Broken?”  When something has no order, IT IS “broken.”

Life, family, health, finances, and relationships can all be “broken.”  How can you repair them?  By putting them back into order.

Let’s look at some of these areas and see how the principle of order can transform your life: