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"4 Lessons From Lepers":

Today, I am thinking about the story of the “four lepers.”   I am presently in Asia where masses of people swarm like an ocean of fish.  Each one has a face, a name, a personality, a family, a need.  Jesus.   Why is missions becoming the lost subject in Christianity with these billions yet in darkness?

Now, we come to the “leper lessons.”  They were starving outside the gate of a besieged, starving city.  They represent me, you, all Christians.  Their story should be our story. 

Here are four lessons I learn from them:

How to Get Out of a Dark Place

It’s been tough this week to watch piles of clothes, furniture, appliances, and TVs out in front of every home on my street.  It’s dark.  It’s difficult. 40,000 homes are under 4-8 feet of water.  Nine megachurches are totally flooded.  Not one church had services last Sunday.

Jacob was in a dark place.  Running from his brother, he found a rock to sleep on.  There, in a dream, he saw God. (Gen 28)

How can you find a blessing in a dark place?

How to Navigate the Floodwaters

It seems we have all been a little shellshocked.  What a summer.  Terrorist attacks and campaigns.  Shootings and tension.  Now, it has come home to me more than ever.  I have lived on Bethany Church’s North campus property for 53 years.  I’ve never seen anything like what happened there this weekend.

How quickly your world can change.  From a calm, lazy summer Thursday afternoon to 25 inches of rain and emergency evacuation.  I was speaking in Austin, Texas, Saturday when I got word from Melanie that she had grabbed our vital documents and loaded a boat for higher ground.

Here are some helpful thoughts to think when you are in a personal disaster like this: 



5 Secrets to Being "On Time"

On time is what every airline strives for.  I’m told the Swiss run a news story if a train is a few minutes late!  What difference does it makes to be “on time” and how can you hit that elusive mark?  I can help you with that.

Every Wednesday morning at 7:30 for six years I met our Governor and his staff for a Bible study.  One morning, I WOKE UP at 6:50!  In eight minutes I was up, showered, dressed and out the door!  I walked in breathing hard with five minutes to spare…and learned a valuable few lessons. 

Here they are:

Why I Give a Flip About Missions

40 years ago this week, I got married.  Two weeks later, I was in Africa with my bride.  I spent the better part of two years with her in the “bush” of Ghana and Nigeria often with no electricity and no running water.  Why have I invested 35 million dollars of the Lord’s money overseas in the last 33 years (and almost that much in local missions in the U.S.)?

As I reflect on this last forty years, here are a few thoughts that come to my mind: