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THE ELECTION: What Christians Must Do

It’s a defining moment.  Christians are confused about the election.  Polls, parties, and mistresses are everywhere.  Everyone’s talking but no one is listening.    Through it all, I feel peace in my heart because I’ve lived through this before. 

Here are the three things I believe Christians should do right now to make it through November 8:


5 Things My Dad Taught Me

Last Tuesday was a major event in my life:  my Dad of 97 years went to heaven.  We cared for him in our home for over six years after my mother died.  He was married for 63 years and in the ministry for 66 years.  This blog is about “generational leadership,” the passing of lessons from fathers to children.  

Here goes my best shot at five things I got from him:



I’ve been really concerned about the lack of honor in our nation.

I have learned that honor is a part of God’s character: “Those who honor Me I will honor and those who despise Me will be lightly esteemed” (1 Sam. 2: 30).

Here are a few practical ways honor works in my life: