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10 Secrets That Will Fire Up Your Marriage

Millions of marriages are smoldering.   The passion is gone.   The fire is almost out.   The excitement and astonishment left years ago. Marriages go through stages as Jesus said:  “hot, cold, and lukewarm.”  I’ve been married for 40 years and I’m sure I have been through all three of them!   If your marriage needs some “hot sauce,” I can help you with that.  

Ask yourself these 10 questions:



“How a Woman Can Conquer ANYTHING”

I’ve been married to Melanie, the woman of my dreams, for 40 years.  I’ve observed how she quietly, but powerfully, has shown her leadership prowess.

It's a shame that many of us men fail to realize the incredible potential in the godly leadership of a woman.  Deborah, the prophetess, was a “judge” over Israel (Judges 4).

What can Deborah teach us about leadership that works in a godly woman?


Why I Love Melanie So Much

Thursday,  May 8th, 1976 was a big day.  It was my 23rd birthday and the day my bride came walking down the aisle…40 years ago.  I have to stop and reflect on why I made a good choice.

Here are the reasons that came to my mind this week: