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Listen to Your Donkey

How do you know if you are going in the wrong direction or making a wrong decision?  Is God able to get your attention?  Have you ever “gone over the cliff” and you never had a clue you were close to the edge?  Balaam was a prophet in the Old Testament.  He was headed in the wrong direction (Num. 22).  God used his donkey to try to tell him.  Balaam was too hardheaded to listen and he finally lost his life. I have seen four ways God uses people to warn me that I am moving in a wrong direction.  If you don’t read on, you may be close to the cliff and not even know it!  

The donkey in the story did four things that people also do who are trying to warn you of a wrong direction:



How to Protect Your Blindside

“The problem with being deceived is that you are deceived.  If you knew you were deceived, you would no longer be deceived!”  Leaders get blindsided.  They didn’t see something coming then it hits them. 

How do you protect yourself from a blindside hit that can scar you for life?

War Room

I was blown away last week when I had the privilege to view the smash hit movie, “War Room.” It rocketed to number ONE in the American box office! As I walked out of the theater, the thought came to my mind, "This movie is going to start a movement of prayer in every church in the nation."

I learned the power of spiritual warfare when I had only been married for two weeks and headed off to Africa as a missionary.

In my two years as a missionary in West Africa, I learned some basic principles of spiritual warfare: