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Secrets of a Renewed Mind

Is it possible that your thought life is holding you back?  I’ve watched hundreds of leaders succeed or fail and almost always it goes back to one thing:  how much they change their thought life. 

Here are a few secrets to a successful thought life:



There's A Horse In Your Mouth

Everyone struggles with their tongue.  Sometimes it feels like a coiled up viper, ready to strike.  No matter how hard you grit your teeth to stop it, it will come flying out at a moment’s notice!  James described your tongue as a runaway horse:  “And if anyone does not stumble in what he says, he is a perfect man, able also to bridle his whole body.

How do we control this “horse inside our mouth?”

How to Survive the Lions

Of all the characters in the Bible who rose to the top as a secular leader, Daniel is my favorite.  In a totally hostile, godless environment, he became the top official next to a king who basically ruled the world.  What were the qualities that put him in that position when enemies everywhere were trying to depose him?  He even spent a night with the lions and they still couldn’t get rid of him! 

Here are the five qualities I notice most about this powerful man and how to survive the lions: