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How Your Mind is Controlling Your Destiny

Fear and timidity can paralyze you.   Anxiety can control your every decision.   Confusion can totally derail your life’s focus.   The mind is the battleground of life.  You will inevitably face storms and crisis.   Your mind will be pressed to the breaking point.    How do you persevere until the sun breaks through again?

These three thoughts have always kept me on track:


Scared to Death

The nation was stunned last week when Islamic terrorism struck San Bernardino.  Fun loving party-goers were suddenly sprayed with automatic weapons.  The plot shows a deep hatred for Americans and sinister preparation to kill.  Everyone is thinking, “What’s next?”

Fear is a normal reaction to a perceived danger.   Yes, mass shootings are occurring almost weekly.  Gun and bullet sales are through the roof.  People are concerned to go to a mall.  Every footstep or out of the ordinary motion makes people jumpy.

Here are the five things I use to combat fear: