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Take a Break Before You Brake

Take a Break Before You Brake

We all reach a point where we need to take a break.  Jesus told His disciples to come apart and rest for a while. Someone said once, "if you don’t come apart you will surely come apart!"  Perhaps you are at a point that you have become compulsive. Money, pride or fear is driving you to do a particular thing in a particular way for fear that you will be a failure. The Bible is full of people who needed a break. Samson killed a thousand men and almost died of dehydration. Elijah destroyed the prophets of Baal and had to rest under the juniper tree. Hagar was sent away from Abraham’s household and needed water in the wilderness.


God’s break for you is the Sabbath principle. The Sabbath is not just a day of the week; it is a walk in the cool, refreshing breezes of the Holy Spirit.

Here are some ways I maintain the spirit of Sabbath in my life:

1.   Daily humility

  • When pride is driving me, I cannot rest. Jesus said, “I am meek and lowly in heart…and you shall find rest for your souls.” Take a long look at WHY you are doing what you are doing and see if it is not your ego that is forcing you forward without a break.

2.  Daily devotion

  • David said that God “makes me to lie down.” My daily prayer time does not waste me time, it saves me time! I can make many more and better decisions when I have spent time in the presence of the Lord.

3.   Daily relaxation

  • Did you know that most accidents happen through fatigued operators? If you are forcing yourself while you are extremely exhausted, take a nap! Get plenty of sleep at night. God actually spoke to His people often when they were sleeping.
God’s break for you is the Sabbath principle. The Sabbath is not just a day of the week; it is a walk in the cool, refreshing breezes of the Holy Spirit.
— Larry Stockstill

4.   Daily labors

  • We tend to think we are working FOR GOD, when actually the Bible says we are “laborers together WITH God” (2 Cor. 6: 1). Let Him pull the yoke and you just walk alongside Him.

5.    Daily releasing

  • When you are tempted to carry your load, “cast your burden upon the Lord.” A story was told of a man walking under a heavy burden. An oxcart stopped and asked if he wanted a ride. The man replied, “I would love to but I have to carry this bag.” The driver told him, “This cart can carry both you AND your bag!”

Israel did not follow God’s plan of a sabbath year every seven years. They wanted to keep driving forward without a break. Consequently, God sent them into captivity for 70 years while the land enjoyed 70 years of sabbaths. The moral of that story is you either take time with God or take time with the devil!  Make up your mind today to walk in the rest of God.

What is your most difficult Sabbath principle to walk in: humility, devotion, relaxation, or releasing your burdens to God?

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