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THE ELECTION: What Christians Must Do

THE ELECTION: What Christians Must Do

It’s a defining moment.  Christians are confused about the election.  Polls, parties, and mistresses are everywhere.  Everyone’s talking but no one is listening.    Through it all, I feel peace in my heart because I’ve lived through this before.  


Here are the three things I believe Christians should do right now to make it through November 8:

1)   We Must PRAY.

  •  For truth to come out—With the media dragging out so many last minute accusations, the fog of confusion is growing desperate.
  •  For Christians to vote—Our patriots gave their lives for the privilege to vote yet some say that 50% of Christians do not vote.
  •  For America to care—About abortion, gay marriage, and all the dangerous moral issues the candidates are debating. Our pocketbooks are not enough…what God will judge us for is the critical factor.
  •  For the body of Christ—This is not a Republican or Democrat thing. The body of Christ must move together and stay together regardless of the outcome.  JESUS is our king, no candidate or party.
  •  For the enemy to be exposed—Behind this election is a globalist, no borders, one-world agenda. Borders are critical in the church, the family, and the nation.  Pray for the candidate to win who will protect our national sovereignty and defend our national interests worldwide.
  •  For justice to prevail—Several Supreme Court justices will be appointed by the next president. It will be enough to alter the balance of power for many years to come.  

2)   We Must VOTE.

  • I have stopped listening to the media. On November 8, I will step into a booth and flip a lever based upon my conscience and discernment of the Word of God.
  •  Don’t think your vote is not important. Remember the 300 votes in Florida that determined our next eight years after 9/11.  Participation is what the enemy does not want.

3)   We Must HONOR.

  •  Peter told us to “…honor the Emperor” (1 Pet. 2: 17). In AD 64, the would have been Nero (the worst emperor of Rome’s history.)  Regardless of who wins, our choice or the other candidate, we must “Honor.
  •  To“honor” does not mean we cannot speak out in protest, try to influence their agenda, or even run for their office! It just means we must pray for them, honor the office, and ask God to give them wisdom as they take the reins of power to steer this nation.

Pray…Vote…Honor.”  Whoever wins, we must go on as a country and honor the one who fills the office.  God is in control of end-time and world events.  Our mission is to reach every nation with the Gospel in the greatest, richest, most influential nation in history.

On November 9th, the day after the election, it will all be over…or just beginning. Seek the Lord, cast your vote, and then fervently pray for the candidate who prevailed.


“Pray…vote…honor.” Whoever wins, we must go on as a country and honor the one who fills the office. - Larry Stockstill
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