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You Need a Rock When You Feel Insecure

You Need a Rock When You Feel Insecure

Insecurity, in all of us, is a huge problem.  It pressures us to act like someone we are not in order to get approval.

This 8.5 MILLION pound boulder recently smashed into a highway in Colorado.  It’s so big they are building a new road around it!  Somehow, it reminds me of God Himself who called Himself “THE ROCK.”

Six times in Deuteronomy 32 God told Israel that He was “THE ROCK.”  Are you feeling unstable, insecure, anxious? 

Think these thoughts about the stability of the ROCK:

1.  God is the SAME. 

“You are the same, and your years have no end” (Ps. 102:27).  When the sun comes up and goes down, He is the same.  When storms come and go, He is the same.

He never changes.  Your circumstances wildly change every day.  He never changes.  Relax in the “sameness” of God.

2.  Focus on the unchangeable.

I once spent a day very seasick on a deep sea fishing trip.  The next time (years later), a wise captain told me to sit in the rear of the boat and look back at the horizon the entire time.  No sickness!

If you focus on something absolutely unchangeable in a wildly turbulent environment you will be fine.  That “horizon” is God’s Word.  It is Jesus Christ seated on heaven’s throne.  Never take your eyes off the unchangeable.

3.  Build your life on the ROCK.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus pictured insecurity as “building on sand.”  “Sand” represents the shifting foundations of culture.  Culture changes daily, annually.  Your marriage, emotions, and relationships constantly shift. 

Values never change.  Honesty, loyalty, purity, and commitment never go out of style.  Read the entire Sermon on the Mount and obey every word you read.  Insecurity will leave and stability will come!  (I taught all 12 parts of the Sermon on the Mount starting HERE.) 

Never take your eyes off the unchangeable.

4.  Relax in who you are.

Insecurity and rejection go together.  Determine to stop pleasing and impressing people.  Insecurity turns you into a “poser.”

People actually love authenticity.  Someone who admits their fears, their self-doubt, and their inadequacies seems authentic to people.  So…be who you are in Christ. 

Those who reject you have the problem, not you.  Jesus even told His disciples to shake the dust off their shoes when people rejected them!

5.  Develop unchangeable habits.

Insecurity comes from a life with no routine.  Your morning routine is the key to your daily life.  Jesus went out in the morning and spent time in the wilderness with God. 

What’s your routine?  Coffee?  Prayer and Bible reading?  Time with your spouse?  Exercise?  Audiobooks on your commute? 

Build unchangeable habits in your life, marriage, family, work, and devotion.  Your life will slowly, gradually, stabilize and feel more and more secure.

God is our ROCK.  He never changes.  His Word never changes.  He always loves you the same regardless of how impressive you are.  He is always ready to meet you every day.

 He is “THE ROCK."

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