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7 Wealth Principles That Really Matter

7 Wealth Principles That Really Matter

“Wealth begins with perspective:  “Your OUTLOOK determines your OUTCOME.”

Your outlook on money and finances are directly determining how much of IT you have.  And…how much wealth has of YOU!

Here are 7 principles Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount (Mt. 6: 19-24) that should control your outlook on wealth:

 1.       Wealth is not evil.

 •       Jesus never taught wealth was evil.  The Bible is full of wealthy people who    put God first (Abraham and Job to name a few). 

•       Jesus even had a few wealthy women whose husbands worked for Herod who followed Him and gave extensively to fund His ministry.

2.       Hard work provides an honest income.

•       Jesus taught about the principles of hard work vs. slothfulness.  Wealth and money do not just appear.  It is a series of daily disciplines and faithful choices that result in incredible abundance.

3.       Saving toward our future and our family’s future is godly.

 •       Proverbs says the ant saves up his food in the summer for the winter. 

 •       Paul said that “parents ought to lay up for their children” (2 Cor. 12:14).  Anything I can do to assist my family and the next generation of my family is good planning, not evil activity.

4.       There are dangers in money and possessions.

•       SELFISH ACCUMULATION—When my heart is hardened toward the needs of others.

•       TRUSTING IN TREASURE—If we don’t have confidence in money, why do we put it in a “safe?”

•       MAKING MONEY A GOD—Total pursuit of money and possessions instead of the will of God.

5.       There are “two TREASURES."

•       TEMPORARY—Regardless of rat poison, burglar alarms, and data firewalls, wealth can still disappear.  Someone can steal it.  Fire can destroy it.  A hard drive can corrupt it.  A recession can eliminate it.

 •       PERMANENT—The only permanent treasure is “God Himself!”  Invest your life, time, and finances in what God is doing and IT CAN NEVER BE LOST.

If we don’t have confidence in money, why do we put it in a “safe?”
— Larry Stockstill

6.       There are TWO VISIONS.

•       “EVIL EYE”  (earthly focus)—Your “eye” is your focus.  It’s what you take aim at and focus on.  “I’ve got my EYE on a piece of property.”  Be sure that, like Eve or David, you don’t get your eyes on something that is the “lust of the eyes.” 

•       “HEALTHY EYE” (heavenly focus)—A “single eye” means a “generous eye.”  You look at things in terms of how they will help you to accomplish God’s purpose in helping others. 

7.       There are TWO MASTERS.

•       “MAMMON”—The Syriac god of “gain.”  It is not just money, but anything you put your confidence in.  “You cannot serve God and MAMMON.”

•       “GOD”—God controls your choices, your career, your decisions, your priorities, and your family.  It all belongs to Him and anything is at His disposal to direct and even COLLECT!

Abraham was wealthy.  He was willing, however, to instantly sacrifice His only son Isaac.  Because of that, God blessed Him with a nation.

Plug these 7 perspectives into your portfolio, and watch God bless you, too!




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