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5 Ways You Can Conquer Grief

Grief is real.  It doesn’t go away quickly.  It requires time, Scripture, and support.

One year ago this week, my son Jonathan lost a pre-born baby.  He and Angie’s journey included a “healing song” Jonathan wrote that has brought them through. 

Here are a few thoughts to help you in your journey of recovering from personal loss:

4 Lifetime Lessons From An Excellent Governor

Do you ever wonder how the wheels of power turn?   How a person with millions of people looking to them for leadership manages his life, his time, and his priorities?  

I had six wonderful years holding a weekly Bible study for Louisiana Governor Mike Foster and his top staff.  He didn’t know it, but while I was teaching him the Bible, he was teaching me excellent leadership! 

Here are the 4 main lessons I observed about him that made a lifetime impact on me:



7 Spiritual Giants and How They Altered My Destiny

The Internet has been filled with images of “giant footprints.”  One of these was found in Mpuluzi, South Africa and would have to be the footprint of a person 25 foot tall!

I’m not sure about this, but I HAVE walked with some spiritual giants in my life.  I find myself walking in their “giant footprints” every day.

Knowing my “giants” and the main lesson I learned from them may help you in your journey.


5 Powerful Components to the Lord's Prayer

Prayer needs a template.

As I am typing this blog, I am using a template, a pre-arranged plan. 

You can always “pray without ceasing,”  but in order to build a strong day-to-day prayer life, you need a template.

The Lord’s prayer is a “Model Prayer.” It is not simply to be repeated.   It contains 5 “fingers” in the hand of God and gives us a template for daily prayer.