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How To Live a Worry-Free Life

40 million adults in America suffer from some type of anxiety disorder. Millions more face routine worry and anxiety about the day-to-day challenges of life.  Finding peace of mind becomes the goal of every day. 

Of course, we know that chronic worry can be symptomatic of a deep underlying issue in your soul.  We should also not belittle the amazing results medical treatment has done to relieve anxiety. To me, however, we sometimes wear a worry “filter” about everything.  

What are some simple ways to get free from worry?

How to Have Easter Year-Round

Easter has come again today and will be gone again tomorrow.  For many people, it is a once a year phenomenon.  I remember a child whose parents happened to come to church in October. They found him out looking for Easter eggs under the bushes at the church. 

I think I’ve hit on how to have Easter all year:  “be thankful for what Jesus did for me every day.”

Here is what goes on in my heart in my time alone with Jesus Christ every day:

Why You HAVE to Tell the Truth

Fake news” is a big topic right now.  Is the media truthful?  It’s probably a good time for us to ask that of ourselves:  “Am I truthful?”   You will be known by your truthfulness.  You will be respected by your truthfulness.  Your business will be known by your truthfulness.  Your marriage will continue only if you are truthful.  Can you pass the “truth test?”

Here is why you have to tell the truth:

8 Amazing Attitudes in the Greatest Sermon Ever

Your attitudes are determining your altitude.  This phrase tells you if you are headed for the “jet stream” or a “slow crash.” How do you adjust your attitude?  The “Beatitudes” are 8 HEAVENLY ATTITUDES and it is time to “think heavenly.” The Sermon on the Mount is the greatest sermon in history.  Spoken in Matthew 5-7, its theme is “heavenly.”  It describes a mindset on Heaven, a heavenly ambassador who represents how things are done back in his homeland.

The 10 Things I Want for Christmas

When I was a child, I dreamed about Christmas while looking at a Sears catalog.  I usually narrowed it down to 10 things I wanted the most.  These days, Christmas is more about REST than GIFTS for me!  I asked myself, “What would I love to receive more than anything else in the world?”

I wrote down the 10 things I want for Christmas this year that have nothing to do with material things. Here they are: