How To Keep Yourself From Being Offended

These days, everyone is offended.  Offended by a social media “like" or “dislike.”  Offended by being left out of the party.  Offended by politics, religion, race, referees, and a hundred other possible stumbling blocks.

How do you keep yourself from constantly being offended?

How to Cool Down A Quick Temper

A “quick temper” is one of my biggest struggles.  I like it speedy, convenient and easy.  Studies show that the time people are willing to wait in line has gone from four minutes to…twenty seconds!

Here are 7 ways to “ice down” your quick temper:

What Do You Do When Your Leader Disappears?

When Moses was gone for 40 days up the mountain, it turned into a “free for all” down below.  People usually behave correctly until their leader is not around.  THEN…it is up to their inner character.

Here is how you control your passions even when no one is watching: