Pastors Are in Trouble but Help is on the Way

This May was 50 years in the ministry for me.  I started preaching at 16 and have just turned 66!  I see so many pastors and leaders hurting.  Marriage stress…health breakdowns…children challenges…implosion from temptation.  If you love your pastor, read on.

I’ve developed a tool to stem the tide:  “Pastors University.”  It’s “50 lessons from 50 years.”

Here are the four basic areas of this one year course where I will personally teach four intensive “modules” that each last three days:

Five Powerful Ways You Can Conquer Temptation

I am not a great snow skier. I recall a time I slid down a mountain and was only stopped when I hit a snow fence and “face-planted” on the other side of it!

Snow skiing is “slightly downhill and out of control.”  Kind of like TEMPTATION. 

Sin is a slippery slope. 


How to Know if Your Drive is Turning into Driven

“Drive” is important.  It is the motivation to progress, to accomplish, to produce, to excel.  Nothing every happens without drive.  God made us to “be fruitful” but that doesn’t mean that crops will grow by themselves.

Driven” is dangerous.  It wrecks relationships.  It turns to envy and road rage.  It damages health.  It forces us to perform rather than fulfilling us when we perform.

 How do you know when you are being driven?

How to Deal With a Crisis

Leaders face crisis.  Parents face crisis.  Nations face crisis.  Dealing with crisis correctly can mean the difference in a marriage divorcing or a war starting. 

Here are four things I have learned to always do when a crisis, a trauma, a shocking development occurs:

You Need a Rock When You Feel Insecure

Insecurity, in all of us, is a huge problem.  It pressures us to act like someone we are not in order to get approval.

This 8.5 MILLION pound boulder recently smashed into a highway in Colorado.  It’s so big they are building a new road around it!  Somehow, it reminds me of God Himself who called Himself “THE ROCK.”