Identity is the Secret of All Authority

A policeman has a uniform, a badge, and a weapon.  Without them, he blends into the crowd.  He has no authority.  Wearing them, he carries all authority.

Jesus said, “I have all authority in heaven and earth.”  Why are Christians still living as “victims” instead of “victors?”

Let’s go to work on how you see yourself and why you have lived a life of “retreat” and “defeat”:

Make ONE Good Decision to Undo All Your Bad Decisions

A compass is a small thing.  If you are totally lost in the deep woods, finding a compass on the ground could save your life.  You’re not “out of the woods” but you’re on your way out of the woods.

One small decision” (like the compass) can start a process that ultimately unravels a tapestry of bad financial, career, relationship, or other personal decisions.

Want to know how?  Read more.

How to Stay Connected for a Lifetime

Electricity flows through connection.  When connections fray, a “short-circuit” can happen. Living day in, day out for many years can fray your relationship. 

How do you restore the “power” and “magnetism” of marriage? 


How to Maintain Strong Confidence Forever

Have you ever thrown something away you wish you had back again?  Whatever you do, don’t throw away your confidence!  You have every reason to hold on to it. 

“Confidence” affects everything:  your spiritual life, your work life, your social life, your moral life. 

Here are five elements of confidence that can shape your legacy:

5 Weapons That Will Knock Out Regret

Decisions cause regret.  Someone said, “If you made no decisions, you would have no regrets!”  Regret can paralyze your forward motion for years.

How do you recover from a bad decision…especially one that can never be reversed? God can defeat your regret. 

Here are some steps I have followed to get it OFF my trail: