The 4 Most Powerful Secrets of Inner Balance

BALANCE is critical.  Your car tires, your body systems, and even your diet all require it.  

The bubble in a level shows perfect balance.  When balanced, it rests on the “sweet spot.”

How do you attain that inner balance that results in continual rest, freshness, and energy?

These 6 Qualities Will Make You a Leadership Dynamo

We have all seen The Ten Commandments where Charlton Heston smashes the stone tablets on the rock.  Some would think, “Now THAT’S leadership!" but actually, the Bible says that Moses was very meek.

Evidently, Moses’ powerful leadership persona was fueled by some inward spiritual “engine.” 

Here are my six top “motivations” for leadership:

5 simple ways to maintain your cutting edge

It takes much more effort to cut when your ax is dull.

If you stop often to restore your edge, you can fly through your work effortlessly!

How can you maintain your cutting edge day in and day out?

A story was told of two guys in a wood chopping competition.  One never stopped.  The second stopped every few minutes and sat under a shade tree.

When the competition ended, the second man actually had more wood cut.  He confessed his secret:  “When I stopped, I was sharpening my ax.”

Here are my 5 secrets to a “cutting edge”: