How to Make Your Way Out of Tight Places

I was on the inside seat of an airplane recently.  It’s my least favorite place.  On top of that, I tried in vain to pull my sweater off.  I felt trapped, really trapped, in a “tight place.”

Are you in a tight place financially, emotionally, or relationally? 

Here are some good thoughts that will definitely help you get out of that “jam”:

Every Day Has to Be Your "A" Game

Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel like, “Today, I will bring my “B” or “C" game.  Yesterday was great but today will only be average”?


Here are a my top 6 secrets to consistently bring my “A” game and make a difference in the world!: 

The Why Will Lead You to the Way

This is not an original statement with me.  However, it has shaped my life greatly.

As you start into a new year, have you discovered the “why” behind all of your goals, planning, and purposes?

This subtle, simple shift can mean the difference between total life change and miserable failure.

Here are some examples: