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Laughing More is the Greatest Power to Change Your World

Laughing More is the Greatest Power to Change Your World

Let’s face it: people are way too serious right now. Healthy, hilarious interchange seems to be going extinct. The weight of the world is dampening the bravest spirit. You can change that…and change your world. Try this simple suggestion:  “laugh a lot more.”

Abraham and Sarah’s greatest trial was being barren for over 90 years. Way past the age of childbearing, they had a baby! All they could do is to name him… “Laughter!” (Isaac).

Sometimes, laughing is the last thing you think of. 

Here are some reasons for that and how to change your perspective:

1. Quit taking yourself way too seriously.

Laughing in the midst of a problem always seems childish. After all, we usually think that the only way to solve a big problem is to think harder.

Actually, most of our supposed calamity never happens. It works out. If the roller coaster ride eventually ends safely at the station, why not laugh while you’re on the ride?

2.  Stop ignoring the perspective of others.

Your friends usually have a different perspective than us. They try to encourage us, cheer us up, even make us laugh with a funny line or joke. We don’t “bite.”  “They’re not empathizing” (you think).

Actually, they are WAY MORE OBJECTIVE than you. They see your strong points. They’ve watched you overcome before. They believe in you. Why not just join them in a good laugh and take their medicine?

Get your laugh back.

3.  Laugh back at the laughter of your enemies.

Satan knows if he can just push your button and then start to laugh at you then you will blow a gasket! Guess what? You have to laugh back at him…louder.

Quit listening to the jeering going on behind your back. It’s not in the Scripture, but it’s been said, “He who laughs…lasts! Get a good belly laugh at the ridiculous trash talk of your adversary, the devil.  Drive HIM nuts for a change!

4.  Regain the heavenly perspective.

Paul was in prison when he wrote, “Rejoice evermore.”  He was in prison singing and praising at midnight when God provided the “Jailhouse Rock!”  Their bodies were in the lowest place but their hearts were up in the highest place!

What does that mean? PERSPECTIVE. It is heaven’s perspective.  “He that sits in the heavens…laughs” (Ps. 2:4). A fistfight on the playground doesn’t seem so big from 40,000 feet up in an airplane.  Laugh from heaven at earthly trials and they lose their power over you.

5.  Get filled with the Spirit of joy.

God’s Holy Spirit is not down and defeated with His “hat pulled over his ears!”  Jesus “rejoiced in the Holy Spirit.”

I heard about a little mouse that lived down a drain in a dance hall floor. Someone spilled an entire bottle of wine down the drain. 

A few minutes later, the little mouse pushed back the drain, wobbled up on to the piano stool, threw his head back and laughed, “WHERE IS THAT CAT?”

Get your laugh back. Enjoy the ride. Unfurrow your brow. Smile at every person you meet until they smile back. 

If you can change THAT…you will change your world.

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