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Crushing the Barriers to Growth This Year

Crushing the Barriers to Growth This Year

Growth is first internal, then external.

Whatever your job, your business, your ministry, or your finances, you can grow beyond it this year. Change is inevitable, growth is optional.  Wouldn’t it feel good to CRUSH that invisible barrier you haven’t been able to penetrate?

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My greatest desire last year was to plant 1000 churches through the Surge Project.  We had planted 600 in one year before, but seemed to be “stuck” on that level of growth. 

Using the steps below, we broke that barrier last year.  This year, we broke the “1100” barrier (exactly 1,119).  Why stop there?

I want YOU to crush a barrier in your life.  Like the prayer of Jabez, God wants to “bless you…and ENLARGE your territory.” 

Here is how you do it: 

1.    You must grow yourself.

  • Someone said, “You reach the higher shelves by standing on the books your read.”  Most of us are doing NO reading whatsoever.  In today’s modern world, it has never been easier to download a book and have it everywhere you go.
  • Why not download a reading plan and read through the entire Bible this year?  Then, read one chapter of a book that expands your thinking and challenges your limitations?  Growth is internal.

2.    You must develop new relationships.

  • I have often heard it said that, “You are the sum total of the top 5 people you spend the most time with.”  In other words, the people you hang out with are either helping you solve problems or they are part of the problem!
  • Ask God to network you with key leaders.  Focus on people who have crushed the barrier you are facing.  Take them to lunch and ask them the one thing you can do to break your barrier.  Hang out with winners and you will BE a winner.
If you want to crush a barrier, something has to change.
— Larry Stockstill

3.    You must pray and fast.

  • Something happens in the spiritual world when you focus on God’s kingdom more than food.  You fast, not just to fast but to pursue God with all of your heart.
  • Get a clear picture in your heart of the goal you desire to attain.  Declare a period of time you will separate from food, pleasure, and entertainment, even if it is one day.  Continue until you sense that something has “shifted” in the spiritual world.  Growth happens first in the spiritual world and then in the natural world.

4.   You must change your daily routine. 

  • If you want to crush a barrier, something has to change.  If you stay like you are, you will achieve what you have achieved.
  • Is it generating more income through an online business?  Is it getting more training through an online course or college?  Is it physical exercise, rest, and diet to change your energy level?  Is it listening to You Tube videos that tutor in your desired growth?  Do something different every day for a year and no barrier can stand before you.

This is your year of growth.  Write down that barrier, make those key changes, and CRUSH THAT BARRIER THIS YEAR!



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