How to Get Prayer Right

Everybody prays.  Prayer wheels, prayer chains, and prayer lines are everywhere.  However, it can sometimes feel like a penny in a fountain.  How can we feel a sense of certainty when we pray?      


There are certain facts we have to establish about prayer.  It keeps us from closing our eyes and just  “swinging at the piñata.”


  • How can we know God’s will?  You can’t possibly exercise faith unless you know that God wants you to have it as badly as you need it.
  • Find a promise in the Bible that “fits your case”  (for peace, protection, provision, etc.).  Then, approach God with a certainty that if He promised it He must surely want you to have it.


  • Jesus told us,  “When you pray, forgive.”  In essence, He said that if you don’t forgive others, your prayers are going to be hindered.
  • He even said to  “Leave your gift at the altar”  and go ask their forgiveness.  In other words, it’s fruitless to pray and stay bitter.


  • God has a timing.  He knows the exact moment when He will be most glorified.  Faith is spiritual, outside the realm of time.
  • Abraham waited 24 years for his son, Isaac.  He never wavered that God would perform His promise.  Relax and trust God as much as you do the cable guy when he said he would come.  [shareable]Relax and trust God as much as you do the cable guy when he said he would come.[/shareable]


Relax and trust God as much as you do the cable guy when he said he would come.
— Larry Stockstill


  • David went through hell running from Saul.  In caves, in foreign countries, and in flight he wrote the Psalms.  He knew that praise would draw him closer to God in prayer.
  • I like to find a Psalm that describes my situation and pray it every day.  I remember how Psalm 118 helped me through a health situation two years ago.   I still pray it through every day, thanking God He brought me out!


  • I remember Dr. Cho teaching about asking God for a bicycle.  He never received his answer until God asked him,  “What kind?” .  He changed his request to an exact model and color WITH a basket and had it in a matter of days!
  • Write down your request.  Not just for a “husband,” but the PERFECT husband!  When you get specific with God, He will be intentional toward you.

Prayer will always be a mystery.  God is a Spirit and we are bound by time and space.  However, He has unlimited resources and unlimited love for you.

I pray right now for you that you may be encouraged, specific, thankful, patient, and righteous when you pray. If you want to share how I can specifically pray for you, you can write those requests in the comments section.

'The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.” (James 5: 16)

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