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5 Ways That Order Can Transform Your Life

5 Ways That Order Can Transform Your Life

“Out of order.”

It’s a sign you often see on a gas pump.  Why doesn’t it just say, “Broken?”  When something has no order, IT IS “broken.”


Life, family, health, finances, and relationships can all be “broken.”  How can you repair them?  By putting them back into order.

Let’s look at some of these areas and see how the principle of order can transform your life:

1. Order in your environment

  • START THERE.  De-junk, organize, straighten, fold, throw away, clean up, service, and systematize everything around you.
  • Start with your closet.  Move to the living areas.  Tackle the attic.  Finish with the garage and cars.  Every area that you leave “out of order” is hindering your personal growth and mental excellence.

2.  Order in your schedule

  • I have learned the power of swiftly moving through a day.  Without a schedule, you drift from one crisis, distraction, and emergency to the next until you fall exhausted and unproductive into bed.

  • Start with a great morning routine.  I wake up at 5, pray, walk/run 2 miles, read Scripture, look at my goals for the day, and eat a really good breakfast every day.  Organize the first two hours consistently and the rest of the day will go amazing.

3.  Order in your family

  • Don’t let work overpower your relationships.  Melanie and I try to eat breakfast together and have lengthy “connect” time each morning.

  • In spite of our crazy world, family meals are still critically important.  Set a time, plan a meal, gather the family, turn off phones, and (if possible!) have a directed, pleasant discussion.  

  • I believe very much in a weekly family night and date night.  Games, movies, and prayer/bedtimes should all be consistent and regular.

Every area that you leave “out of order” is hindering your personal growth and mental excellence.
— Larry Stockstill

4.  Order in your finances

  • Develop a “liquid cash” margin.  That is a minimum savings level that you will never drop below.  If you are tempted to use your savings for a new boat, discipline your flesh and fish from the shore!

  • Consult a financial advisor.  Let him help you set 5 things:  your budget, savings, insurance, investments, and retirement.  Consult that person before any major purchase or financial shift.  

5.  Order in your mind 

  • Nothing affects your life like your mind.  Confused, depressed, and anxious thoughts paralyze you.  Lewd and pornographic thoughts destroy you.  Angry and bitter thoughts repel relationships, business, and growth.

  • Start with media.  Refuse to let someone back their mental “garbage truck” onto your mind’s “front yard” and dump it there.  Set limits on tv and movie ratings.  Put a filter on your internet at a certain rating.   “Garbage in, garbage out.”  Your thoughts are literally controlling your world.

I encourage you to visit pristine settings where organized minds have put together beautiful environments.  Walk through a gorgeous resort, arboretum, golf course, or theme park.  

Break off chaotic, over-dramatic relationships.  Choose friends who are organized and going “up.”  

ORDER.  Focus today on environment, schedule, family, finances, and thoughts.  Get ready for promotion and increase!


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